Welcome to our chapter website! We invite you to participate in our exciting and vibrant group.

We are so excited that our chapter is hosting the 24th Annual International CPSA Exhibition and Convention from July 25-July 30, 2016. The exhibition will be at the American Art Company in Tacoma. This beautiful gallery is in the heart of the extremely interesting area of downtown Tacoma with home base being the lovely Murano Hotel. 

Our NORTHWEST COLORED PENCIL TIPS book is completed and ready for purchase. We have also republished our 2008 Northwest Colored Pencil Pointers book. Both are available on MagCloud.com. See below for info.

 These ninety pages are filled with information and inspiration! You will love this!

Northwest Colored Pencil Tips

By Pamela Belcher

90 pages, published 10/22/2015

The Northwest Colored Pencil Tips book is packed with full color art and shared secrets from 55 colored pencil artists. A variety of surfaces are shown such as: drafting film, rock, plastic, Pastelbord, watercolor canvas board, white, black and colored surfaces. The book showcases 100% colored pencil art and colored pencil combined with watercolor, acrylic, ink, gouache, graphite and water-soluble pastels. Our artists share the use of their…
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Next Meeting

  • Date: January 9, 2016     Time: 11 am until 2 pm     Where: Bellevue Arts Museum
  • What: Prepping for CPSA International Exhibition and Show Season. Bring pieces you are working on for entry into the 100% colored pencil 2016 International CPSA Annual Exhibition (entry deadline of March 31) which will be in Tacoma this year! Our goal for this meeting is to look at works in progress and discuss ways to improve them. If you have source images you are contemplating working from, bring those so we can talk about cropping, what to leave in, what to take out, etc. We're good at brainstorming titles too!
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For a complete list of meeting and event dates and information, look at the News and Events Page. On November 14, we held chapter elections. Pam Belcher, who has served for 6 years in that position, wrapped up her term and wanted to thank her team for their hard work. Their attitudes, work ethic and enthusiasm made her job easy and lots of fun. She feels grateful to be among such fabulous artists and people.

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