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We are so excited that our chapter is hosting the 24th Annual International CPSA Exhibition and Convention from July 25-July 30, 2016. The exhibition will be at the American Art Company in Tacoma. This beautiful gallery is in the heart of the extremely interesting area of downtown Tacoma with home base being the lovely Murano Hotel. 

Next Meeting

  • Date: July 11, 2015     Time: 11 am until 2 pm     Where: Pam Belcher's House in Kenmore
  • What: Annual Summer Potluck and Sale. Bring a dish to share, and any art supplies, art books, or other art related items that you would like to sell. You can keep the proceeds or donate some to the chapter. We will also have a silent auction of a colored pencil piece. Pam has some pretty plants and flowers that love to be drawn or have their picture taken; they are good at posing! So bring any equipment you may need. Directions to Pam's house will be sent to members via email. 
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For a complete list of meeting and event dates and information, look at the News and Events Page.

For our "Quick Draw" still life drawing day, Pam Belcher drew blind contours of the artists instead.

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