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We invite you to come to our next meeting. Visitors are welcome to visit for two meetings while you determine if you'd like to join. We meet on the second Saturday of odd numbered months. For a complete list of meeting and event dates, look at the News and Events Page.

Next Meeting Date: Saturday, September 9, 2017     Time: 11 am until 2 pm    
Where: Bellevue Arts Museum.
What: Meeting: Breaking New Grounds with CP: Working on Different Surfaces. Members are invited to bring colored papers and other surfaces you work on for a time of exploration by all. As usual bring current artwork to share.
IMPORTANT: September 9 is also the date for delivery of artwork to the Mercer Island Community & Event Center from 2-3. Information about this is in your prospectus.

To check on what's happening at the national level go to cpsa.org.

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