Here is an overview of DC 207 Activities. We invite you to participate in our active and invigorating group.

MEETINGS: We meet six times a year on the second Saturday of odd numbered months.  Our membership spans those who are new to the medium to very experienced award winning artists. Every meeting features a short business portion and a program. One favorite part is the members sharing their artwork recently finished or in process; often suggestions for improvement or a title are solicited. Annually we look at the images from the CPSA International Exhibition. We have a potluck every summer. Mini-workshops explore various topics - shown here is member Teri Hamilton on drawing skin tones. Programs are varied and include discussions of art concepts, cp techniques and the business of art, to name a few. Recently we had a noted juror lead a valuable critique. For the schedule check the News & Events page.

ANNUAL RETREAT: The spring retreat, held at Samish Island in northwest Washington state, has filled to capacity in the past few years. The combination of great food, companionship, stunning views, places to walk and enjoyable hours of making art is a strong draw. This is extended luscious studio time; there is no instruction. Evenings are filled with games and movies. The cost is very reasonable and cabins range from nice to rustic ones like those pictured at left.


Dates of the upcoming retreat are on the News & Events page.

EXHIBITIONS: We usually have one chapter exhibition a year. Look at the Exhibitions page for any current and upcoming exhibitions. We enjoy watching people who have never seen colored pencil art before. A standard refrain is “I can’t believe it’s colored pencil!”.


We invite you to peruse our Member Galleries page for an extensive collect of our member's work.


WORKSHOPS: We try to have one full-day workshop a year, usually held in the fall. We tap the extensive knowledge base within our chapter and also invite visiting artists to come in and share their expertise. Any scheduled workshops will be listed on the News & Events page.


CHAPTER PROJECTS: We have created two books packed with all things colored pencil. The first, Northwest Colored Pencil Pointers, was first published in 2008 in celebration of our chapter’s hosting of the CPSA Annual International Exhibition and Convention. In 2016 we wrote a second book, Northwest Colored Pencil Tips, in celebration of hosting the international event again. The cover image for both books was created by individual artists drawing a portion of the image, then all the pieces were combined into one. We are fortunate to have so many capable, inspiring and generous artists in our chapter who are so willing to share their secrets. The Tips Books page has information on purchasing these books.

CPSA ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION & CONVENTION: We have hosted the CPSA Inernational Exhibition three times; a different chapter hosts each year. The convention features many events including a slide-show of all of the entered artwork. Two workshops are offered annually. At left, Tracy Frein presents his unique way of working on drafting film. An annual international show called Explore This! is presented online. Check for info and prospectus for these shows and much more. It is required to be a member of the CPSA parent organization in order to join a local chapter.


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