News and Events

GENERAL MEETING INFORMATION: Meetings are on the second Saturday of odd numbered months, from 11 am – 2 pm. Most meetings are held at the Bellevue Arts Museum, 510 Bellevue Way NE, Bellevue, WA 98004. Bring your lunch. Also bring any artwork you are working on or have recently completed. For all meetings at BAM, if you are not a museum member, you may attend the meetings without paying the museum daily entry fee if you go directly to and from the meeting room. If you wish to see any of the exhibits on the day of the meeting, you need to pay a daily entrance fee. You may choose to become a museum member for the artist rate of $40 a year. This museum has no permanent exhibits, so it is likely there will be a different exhibit on display for most of our 6 yearly meetings. BAM membership includes openings and special events. On their community page, artist members can provide a link to their personal artist website. 


January 13, 2018: Critique with Michael Monroe. We loved this event so much in 2017, we have invited him back. Bring one piece of artwork in progress to be discussed.

March 10, 2018: View slides from the 2017 CPSA International Exhibition. Jan Fagan, our representative at the International Convention, will report on and lead a discussion on ideas she gleaned from the Presidents' Forum.

April 8-13, 2018: Samish Island Chapter Retreat.

May 10, 2018: Plein Aire Drawing Day. Location tentatively scheduled for Country Village in Bothell.

July 14, 2018: Annual potluck and art sale. Location TBA.

September 8, 2018: Mini workshop on black paper.

November 10, 2018: TBA


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