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Gallery Page Submission Forms

Members of the Seattle CPSA DC 207 are invited to put up to 15 images of your artwork on this website's Gallery Pages. Simply fill out this form.

Bio Book Submission Instructions & Example

For every chapter exhibition, we have a Bio Book available for people to view with a brief history of exhibiting artists. Send this information to Mary Foote: A few paragraphs about your history as an artist (in a Word document) and no more than 6 individual jpeg file images of your art. Do not combine images into your written statement; all images need to be separate jpeg files. Files should be 1920 pixels wide on the longest side, and no more than 3 mb in size. Label each image like this: Lastname-Firstname-Title.jpg. If you want to include a picture of yourself (send as a separate file) that will be added to your bio. Once your information and images are received a 2-page formatted bio will be created, then returned to you for review and approval. For those members who have a bio already, submit any updates and any new art work if needed. Send your bio book submissions or updates to:

Bio Book Example


Copyright Law
Several years ago a copyright lawyer spoke at a meeting. This summarizes his discussion.
Resizing Images 101

This step by step illustrated pdf explains how to resize an image to a specific pixel size.

CPSA Chapter 207 Members Publications list
See this complete impressive list compiled in January 2021.

All images on this website are copyrighted property of the artist/s. Do not duplicate or use without written permission.