Our chapter has collected valuable tips from our members and published them in two books containing a wealth of colored pencil information for artists of every level. Both can be purchased through magcloud, the on-demand printer (links below). They are also available on where you can peruse a plethora of books, instructional kits and everything a colored pencil fanatic needs! Ann is a member of our chapter and a contributor to both books.

 These ninety pages are filled with information and inspiration! You will love this!

Northwest Colored Pencil Tips

By Pamela Belcher

90 pages, published 10/22/2015

The Northwest Colored Pencil Tips book is packed with full color art and shared secrets from 55 colored pencil artists. A variety of surfaces are shown such as: drafting film, rock, plastic, Pastelbord, watercolor canvas board, white, black and colored surfaces. The book showcases 100% colored pencil art and colored pencil combined with watercolor, acrylic, ink, gouache, graphite and water-soluble pastels. Our artists share the use of their…
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This book was first published in 2008 and recently updated. We are pleased to offer it again as we consistently received requests to purchase, but we were completely sold out.

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